Breaking News – Halawa SinkHole

Water main break and sinkhole in Halawa, road closed..

HALAWA (HawaiiNewsNow – 12/28/14)
A water main below Halawa Heights Road broke and caused a massive sink hole. 17 Board of Water Supply (BWS) customers are without water due to the eight-inch break at 99-646 Halawa Heights Road.

To make matters worse, the pipe break has also caused a giant sink hole which caused the shut-down of the Southbound (Makai) lane of Halawa Heights Road. A detour has been set up on Iwaiwa Street. The opening is about eight feet wide. One witness said the hole was “big enough to fit a Volkswagen inside.”

Just before 7:30 p.m. the BWS sent out water wagons to supply an alternate source of water to those affected by the pipe break. Officials saying those who can, should avoid the area. Repair crews are on scene and will work overnight to fix the pipe and restore the road.
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