Big Island of Hawaii Lava Update…

web1_cesspool-mapLava Flow Update – 1/30/15 – by Big Island Now Staff.

Over the past week, minimal advancement has been seen in the major breakout portions of the June 27 lava flow. Hawai’i County Civil Defense reported continuous stalls at every portion of the lava breakouts following its Friday morning overflight assessment.

The once leading flow front heading towards the Pahoa MarketPlace continues to show no advancement, along with the south margin breakout that was active during the same time. During its overflight, Civil Defense made note that the distal breakout that spawned from the north margin continues to show no advancement, although signs of activity and flow pad widening are occurring just behind the stalled front.

No advancement has been seen in this portion of the breakout since between Sunday and Monday morning, when the flow sluggishly advanced 50 yards. At the current time, the north margin breakout remains about 0.36 miles from Highway 130 in the area west of the Pahoa Police and Fire stations.

Two additional breakouts along the north margin breakout, 1-1.5 miles upslope from the stalled original flow front, have displayed little activity and have not shown signs of advancement. Officials have been closely monitoring various breakouts along both margins of the flow, as well as within the flow pad. At the time, none of the activity is posing an immediate threat to communities in the area.

Both Civil Defense and Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continue to maintain a watchful eye on all lava flow activity. Should any changes occur the public will remain informed. Friday morning smoke conditions were reported as light, with a light south wind blowing smoke in a north/northeast direction. As usual, these smoke conditions have the possibility of changing and individuals who are sensitive are advised to take necessary precautions.

According to officials, there is currently no brush fire activity and fire conditions continue to be monitored closely.

Big Island of Hawaii Lava Update…

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