What is a Underground Real Estate Inspection?

HPL Utility Toning Hawaii

What is an Underground Home Inspections..

All too often in Hawaii, individuals and families are living in residences without knowing the particulars of the utilities that exist below them. Hawaii Private Locators (HPL) seeks to reduce seller’s liability or otherwise needing to locate utilities under their existing residences. These Underground Home Inspection surveys will be completed with metal detection, cable/pipe locators, ground penetrating radar aka GPR, and HD sewer video cameras. These findings include, but are not limited to:

• Location of Documented and Undocumented Utilities
• Lava Tubes or Voids
• Abandoned Cesspools or Tanks
• Hawaiian Iwi
• Unknown Underground Anomalies
• Damaged or Obstructed Sewer Pipes

When Underground Home Inspections are finished, a detailed survey report will be completed to be given to the requestor of the information. This report will include pictures of the property, GPR pictures (where applicable), as well as approximate depths of all found utility lines and anomalies.

As described within the name of the company, the work that comprises the underground home inspections are private between HPL and the individual requesting the information, and will not be disseminated to those to which it does not pertain to.

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