Hawaii Toning Services


Hawaii Utility Pipe Toning and Ground Penetrating Radar Services
All Hawaiian Islands: +1-808-260-3558

Underground Home Inspections
Private and Public Utility Locating
Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning
Utility Pipe and Wire Toning
Water Distribution Pipe Leaks
Sewer Pipe Video Inspection
Cesspool Locating


Hawaii Toning Services

Private and Public Utility Locators
* Underground Home Inspections *
Commercial Geophysical Inspections
Federal Government Underground Inspections
Military DOD Ground Radar Inspections
All Underground Utility and Pipe Toning


We locate anything underground…All Hawaiian Islands
A Hawaii Information Service Company…

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Information, Price Quotes and Scheduling

Honolulu Office: 808-260-3558

HPL Utility Toning Hawaii

Construction Contractors
 Local Builders
Home Owners
Real Estate Agents
Urgent Public Utility LocatesHPL-Paypal_Visa_MC

“We Are Locally Owned and Operated”


Hawaii Private Locators, LLC
PO Box 240893
Honolulu, Hawaii 96824



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